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Customers respond better to informative write-ups than they do to blatant ads.

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In doing so, you can use thematically related content to create awareness of your white paper. While this can be expensive, it is essential in creating a convincing white paper.

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In other words, use a metaphor to describe a B2B system or offering, such as a three-legged stool or an ion-drive engine. Organize your draft. Each item in a different location plays their part in the whole network. As white papers are becoming more and more popular in the marketing world, a well-designed one could probably bring you more leads than an average ebook. Solution oriented white papers This type of white paper is directly aimed at a concrete facts or improving a real situation. Approximately 10 to 30 pages are recommended in length. A good outline can also be easily transformed into a white paper template. After all, I think of white papers as persuasive essays. The first commercial use of white papers took place in the technology sector. Read it out loud to ensure there are no run-on sentences or awkward phrases. Which of these structures do you use most often? Originally, white papers were used in British government policy during the s. The production and distribution costs for white papers are low, but the design, planning and implementation can take a lot of time and effort. The Main Characteristics of a Quality White Paper Structure and Length When it comes to structure, a white paper is structured similarly to a typical ebook, but the two are written quite differently.

You want to catch people right off the bat with your introduction. Informative — ideally explores one topic in as much detail as possible.

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Numerical: Enumerates a series of loosely connected ideas, facts, or arguments. Go back over your draft and see what needs to be done to make it read better. Once a reader gets it, this map is very hard for any other vendor to dislodge. White papers are great tools for generating credibility. To be able to achieve this, it is important to research thematically relevant blogs, forums and other websites that are focused on related topics. The combined facts and arguments they provide mean that interested parties can consult these documents for a long time. Every spoke explicitly references the central vision. A good outline can also be easily transformed into a white paper template. Just click on the cover thumbnail to download any sample. Here you should create an overview of the main ideas. In the tech world, on the other hand, a white paper represents a theory behind a new piece of technology. The only structure I question is number 10 for a case study—although this is fine in its own right for that type of document. Have you ever written one like that? At that time, a distinction was made between governmental papers with white envelopes and longer legal texts with blue envelopes.

Types of white papers Marketing must be target oriented — this generally applicable rule is also valid for white papers in the commercial sector. This means writing a summary of your white paper and including an organized list of topics.

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A short pitch or description of what your paper is going to be about. Thus, white papers published online have a positive effect on the ranking of your company website. In return, they may buy from you later. Spatial: Organize concepts according to a physical metaphor or analogy. This approach is most often done as a numbered list. In opposition to a technically, detail-oriented white paper, this form of white paper is often about presenting solutions to the boardroom of a company. The only structure I question is number 10 for a case study—although this is fine in its own right for that type of document. Please leave your comment below. In general, white papers are more effective than conventional advertising messages. You get 4 bullets per slide and 4 words per bullet. In addition to convincing facts, you should also integrate visual material like relevant statistics into the text to create a more appealing flow.

Strategic white papers Strategic white papers also aim to change a status quo within a particular area, but have a different target group. This way, you can distribute relevant information about your document in order to gain attention for your solution or product.

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When it comes to layout, the most popular choices are the one-column and the two-column layout.

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How to write a White Paper: Layout, Tips & Examples