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From the deontological ethical point of view, once the workers have punched out their time cards the company has the duty to let its employees go.

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There has been a constant battle between Wal-Mart and its employees, who wanted to create a union. When employees are not engaged in the active duties of their employment and the nature of the work requires standing, an adequate number of suitable seats shall be placed in reasonable proximity to the work area and employees shall be permitted to use such seats when it does not interfere with the performance of their duties.

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There has been a constant battle between Wal-Mart and its employees, who wanted to create a union. An advocacy group claims to document widespread violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. California State Law on Employee Seating in a Retail Environment However, California state law about seating in a retail environment is much broader and not necessarily connected to "disabilities" at all. Walmart's initial response was that the Bangladesh factory employees weren't Walmart's employees, so what happened at the factory was neither Walmart's fault nor responsibility. Instead, the response from Walmart's legal team was that the class shouldn't have been certified at all, and instead, each cashier should have to file and fight an individual lawsuit. Either way, Walmart class action employee lawsuits seem to happen often enough to be considered "business as usual. So the state of California is the legal David to the goliath Walmart. In , the definition of a disabled worker was expanded, to include temporary medical conditions like complications relating to a pregnancy. Child and other Labor Laws From , Wal-Mart was faced with fines and lawsuits pertaining to violations of child and labor laws. Wal-Mart is continually criticized for its health care policy. The questions asked employees whether they believed that Walmart had a problem of regularly punishing people for absences relating to an illness or disability, and about how the company treated absences.

Bakst said. The references related to the answer are also included.

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Orzehowski advised us of a medical reason for her absences. The view point of the author is that Wal-Mart has mistreated its employees by off the clock work, sexual discrimination, low health benefits, undocumented workers, and violation of child and labor laws.

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Logically it seems that Walmart would prefer to just fight one lawsuit instead of fielding 10, individual claims.

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