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The research Thesis has been divided into six Chapters, and they are as under- Chapter I- Introduction to Research Topic: A Study on the HRD practices in select multinational Shipping Corporations This chapter gives a brief description of the nature of proposed study and outlines the relevance of study in the present day scenario.

Overview b. People and their skills are the one thing that competitor organizations cannot imitate. Dimensions of HRD 9.

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The goals that the HRM has is maximizing the productivity of the workplace by improving the effectiveness of their employees while at one time improving and treating the work life of employees as valuable resources.

Introduction Human resources are inimitable, appropriable, valuable and scarce, and nonsubstitutable asset which can create competitive advantages.

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Organization Development and Research and Systems Development HRD Climate a. HR Function ii. Organizational Justice Dimensions and Motivation to participate in Training This will help the organization, the employees and the industry. Discussion of Results i. Under this chapter the various HRD dimensions and their analysis is carried out in detail to provide a contextual description of the way to be adopted to move forward. Container Ships 5 3. Motivation d. The multinational shipping corporations are divided into government sectors and the private sectors as per their ownership. Organizational values are quite in force in a consistent manner and a high level of communication from the top-downwards and horizontally across the departments is widely practiced. Regarding the organizational communication there is association only with the type of the organization which indicates that the government type of organizations can surely improve in this area. Human Resources Information Performance Appraisal 4.

HR Planning 3. Career Management and Career Development 3. Human Resource Development 1.

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