The role taxes play in a modern economy economics essay

Insofar as procedural checks are concerned, in 77 of the economies which allow for a VAT cash refund in the Doing Business case scenario, a claim for a VAT refund will probably lead to an additional review being conducted before approving the VAT cash refund.

Taxation economics

It performs a general industrial and commercial activity and it is in its second year of operation. There is wide agreement among economists that in countries like India there is an untapped tax potential. For example, resource allocation might require changes in the level or composition or both of taxes, but those changes might bear heavily on low-income families—thus upsetting redistributive goals. And the equilibrium point shifts to the left. Using appropriate indicators macro economic aggregates outline the present state of the economy. In addition, see international trade for information on tariffs. In earlier times, and again today, governments have utilized taxation for other than merely fiscal purposes. Related posts:. That is also one of the reasons why, in some economies, it is not uncommon for a claim for a VAT refund to automatically trigger a costly audit, undermining the overall effectiveness of the system. Revenue collections rose by 7. Programs providing health, education, infrastructure and other services are important to achieve the common goal of a prosperous, functional and orderly society.

Alm J. This is likely to reduce the flow of funds to the private sector.

taxation in an economy

Romer, Christina, and David Romer. The efficiency with which tax revenue is converted into public goods and services varies around the world. In Hong Kong SAR, China, and Saudi Arabia, for example, the standard case study firm would have to make only three payments a year, the lowest number of payments globally.

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National output and incomes are directly increased by the amount of the government purchase and that amount then has the usual multiplier effect on aggregate demand, just like an increase in private investment. This number excludes the 28 economies that do not levy VAT and four economies where the purchase of a machine is exempted from VAT.

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Recent data from the World Development Indicators and the Human Development Index show that economies such as Ireland and Malaysia—which all have relatively low total tax rates—generate tax revenues efficiently and convert the gains into high-quality public goods and services figure 2.

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Role of Government in a Modern Economy