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In the event 22 such young persons were selected and were divided by the researchers into two groups with efforts being made to balance the physical, mental and social talents of the groups. Spoiler space… The boys were informed that there might be a water shortage in the whole camp, due to mysterious trouble with the water system—possibly due to vandals. They all shared a Protestant, two-parent background. In the event this series of reconciliatory opportunities did not lead to any appreciable lessening of tensons between the Eables and the Rattlers. Superordinate goals in the reduction of intergroup conflict. This large-scale Intergroup Relations Project was established as an interdisciplinary "psychological" and "sociological" approach to the testing of a number of hypotheses about intergroup relations. The Rattlers declared they would be the winners and monopolized the baseball field in order to practice. A few drops of water aroused enthusiasm, but completion of the task was not in view. The groups became so aggressive with each other that the researchers had to physically separate them. As it happens, that name-calling was the least of what was to take place. The sample was biased. This occurs when the ingroup and outgroup do not have equal status. The fact that they mutinied against these guys, really, and refused to be drawn into it. In this phase it was intended to bring the two groups into competition with each other in conditions that would create frustration between them.

However, the Robbers Cave study has been criticized on a number of issues. Spoiler space… The boys were informed that there might be a water shortage in the whole camp, due to mysterious trouble with the water system—possibly due to vandals. A series of competitive activities e.

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How could the parents have known his real aim was to make their sons hate each other — then leave them to deal with a forest fire? Tools, in themselves, are not opposed to cooperation among individuals using them.

Valued prizes were awarded to the winners.

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The boys tended to characterize their own in-group in very favorable terms, and the other out-group in very unfavorable terms. In Stage 2, a set of contests and prize competitions would set the two groups at odds. There was another food fight, with insults, the next morning. The water supply had failed and the Camp staff blamed this on "vandals. Instead, they had been pre-arranged into two wholly separate groups, headed for those two wholly separate cabins and camping areas. Superordinate goals in the reduction of intergroup conflict. But under the careful guidance of Sherif and his staff, it soon became physical. They would have to locate the water tank high on the mountain and work together to remove the rocks Harvey and Sherif had placed over the valve, so they could open it again. Pinterest Sherif at the Robbers Cave camp. But a few more common tasks, requiring cooperation from both groups—e. Situations were also devised whereby one group gained at the expense of the other. The work on the faucet lasted over 45 minutes, during the first 30 minutes being the focus of interest for most members of both groups. Have they stayed in touch—and do they ever think back on themselves as Eagles or Rattlers? Ethical issues must also be considered. How did my parents agree to me going away?

Toward the end of Stage 1, the groups would gradually be made aware of each other. They spent the day talking about the contests and making improvements on the ball field, which they took over as their own to such an extent that they spoke of putting a "Keep Off" sign there!

Neither the parents nor the boys, obviously, knew this was a study. At the camp the groups were kept separate from each other and were encouraged to bond as two individual groups through the pursuit of common goals that required co-operative discussion, planning and execution.

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Sherif’s Robbers Cave Experiment