The chilean copper mine collapse

October 9, - The Plan B drill breaks through the roof of the mine.

how did the chilean miners survive

Psychologists have not helped him. Rescuers are now capable of relaying communications and can send food and water to miners. However, as the initial flood of offers and attention died down, the toll the experience had taken on the miners and their families became apparent.

What caused the chilean mine to collapse

Several of the miners looked very thin and some were camera shy. Their against-all-odds rescue involved each of them being lifted in a narrow, elevator-like chamber that was suspended by a cable into a hole drilled through solid rock. For instance, the drillers and geologists discovered that fallen rock had trapped water and sedimentary rocks, increasing drill deviations and further exacerbating the odds of reaching the refuge in time. Maps of the tunnels had not been updated in years. He served the group by monitoring their health and providing detailed medical reports to the team of doctors on the surface. Some are back working in mines. August 22, - The miners send a note up tied to a probe which was lowered by authorities earlier in the day. Hours later, video cameras sent down the borehole captured the first grainy, black-and-white, silent images of the miners. On October 13, , the Fenix started its life-saving runs to bring miners one by one through the minute journey to safety. On August 7 a second collapse occurred, blocking access to ventilation shafts that might have served as a point of egress for the men had ladders been in place as stipulated by safety regulations. September 22, - The Plan C drill starts drilling.

This outcome was the result of an extraordinary cross-industry teaming effort by hundreds of individuals spanning physical, organizational, cultural, geographic, and professional boundaries. I prefer to forget.

what happened to the chilean miners

Reprinted by permission of Emerald Publishing Ltd. Ariel Ticona watched a video of his daughter being born.

Chilean miners facts

Acuna, 43, who works as a farm laborer and driver in the northern Chilean city of Ovalle, said hearing about the trapped Thai boys also gave him flashbacks to his time in the mine. Yet their initial attempt at rescue had triggered that devastating secondary shaft collapse. Infrastructure such as a kitchen, canteen area, sanitary facilities and security were later added. October 14, - The group of miners, who are in Rome promoting a new film about the mine disaster, "The 33," pose for photos and present gifts to Pope Francis at the Vatican. The most daunting of these was the extraordinary depth meters below ground at which the miners were trapped in the aftermath of an explosion that left half a million tons of rock blocking the mine's entrance. Officials earlier predict the date might be as far away as November or Christmas. Both previous rescues had used a "rescue pod" or capsule to winch trapped miners to the surface one by one. Super Mario was not among them. Inside the mine at the time of the collapse were 33 workers; 32 were Chilean and one was Bolivian. September 28, - The Plan B drill passes the halfway point to the trapped miners.
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Chilean Mine Rescue Fast Facts