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Historical Summary Great Britain 's The American Civil War made evident the split between the popular anti-slavery view with public support of the Union, and the government's desire for southern cotton and the arms market gained through support of the Confederacy.

The conflicts center around principle, not action, and do not appear to be resolvable. India along with all the major English speaking nations remain in a loose federation bound together by the English Queen and the concept of personal freedom, responsibility and justice plus the very English summer game of cricket.

history of britain

Many escape religious prejudices at home and form such colonies as Virginia and Maryland in the south, and Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut in the north. George Cross His fastest lap of one minute and Liberal ideals grow in the 13 Colonies, where the right to free speech is won during the libel case of a New York publisher.

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Penal colonies are established in Australia. Historical Summary Great Britain 's As reformers come to government, but find little success in bringing change, the people break out into rioting. Slavery is ended in Britain, but continues in her colonies. Work week limited to Factories spring up as improved iron smelting allows factories nearer coal fields, especially in the Midlands area to the north. Dickens writes his novels -- Oliver Twist especially brings to light the plight of child workers. Even in Canada, the desire for representative government spawns two revolts. At about the same time, Gaelic tribes from Ireland invaded the north-west, absorbing both the Picts and Britons of northern Britain, eventually forming the Kingdom of Scotland in the 9th century. The war in Europe ends with Britain's Duke of Marlborough defeating the French, ending their support of the Jacobites, and redistributing the powers in Europe.

The island is marked by low, rolling countryside in the east and south, while hills and mountains predominate in the western and northern regions. He is the first of the Stuart family to rule.

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Circa France declares war on Britain, whose challenges are increased by a revolt in Ireland eventually put down through brutal violence, and a rebellion with in the British navy which resulted in better conditions and continued sea defence plus a blockade of French ports. Comedies are prolific, political philosophers challenge old ways, as do scientists like Isaac Newton. The English grab the lions share of Africa including Nigeria in the west and a huge swathe from Egypt south all the way to the tip of South Africa. Britain gives control of Hong Kong to China. Historical Summary Great Britain 's The Industrial Revolution is in full swing, and since mechanization became reality over the last 25 years, labour practises make life hellish for common people. Human footprints have been found from over , years ago in Norfolk [37] and traces of early humans have been found at Boxgrove Quarry , Sussex from some , years ago [38] and modern humans from about 30, years ago. The slave trade is delivering , slaves to North America each year, with slaver ships following a triangular trade path from Europe especially Britain and France to Africa, to America and back to Europe. The year was a particularly violent one in all of Europe with rebellions in Italy, Germany and Austria, France removes its monarch and becomes a republic, hopes for Irish revolt are quashed, and in Britain the Charterists are defeated in their mass march to parliament. Undersea transatlantic telegraph joins US and Britain. A unique study tool. Anti-slavery attitudes grow. From that date, , the French and English have remained at peace but stay culturally very different. In the s, the United Kingdom became less of a dominant world power.
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