Strategies adopted in the international market

Consumers always identify themselves at the local level and marketing teams have to remember that each country has its own norms, laws, payment types, and particular business practices.

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Anderson, R. This is a behavioural pattern inculcated to us by the colonial masters and has been referred to as colonial mentality.

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The Economic Environment: Every country has unique economic factors that influence business decisions and activities. Indirect Export: In this case, the firm does not intend to go internationally but its products could be taken to international markets by resellers. As soon as that has been established, draw a map that covers the overall strategy and techniques to attain those objectives. Utilise local strengths In many countries, large malls or commercial centres are yet to emerge but there is a strong network of small shops or kiranas as they are called in India or Kombini in Japan, the convenience stores that are essential part of their life. Okeafor, U. Perhaps one of the most important tips for building your international strategy is to understand your customers. Companies evolving towards global marketing are actually quite gradual. Culture: Looks at the peoples culture as expressed in their norms and values, language, behaviour, aesthetics, arts, music, technology, etc.

For instance, the level of education i. Frank, J.

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For instance, the use of computers has replaced the use of thumb method that usually involved much paper work and mistakes. Foreign Involvement without Investment: This occurs where a firm intends to launch its product in a foreign market but does not wish to establish its production facilities in that country.

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Doyle, R.

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