Similarity and dissimilarity between shelly and keats as second generation romantic poet

Similarity and dissimilarity between shelly and keats as second generation romantic poet

His ambition was to become a poet, pure and simple and his ambition was fulfilled. Keats was considerably influenced by Spenser and was, like the latter, a passionate lover of beauty in all its forms and manifestation. He treats poetry as a tool for pouring his thoughts to the world. The last stanza asks, "Where 20 are the songs of spring? Those are some basics to get you started, but there is much, much more to this comparison. This is a play on the way that mankind is by nature. Shelley: Shelley's Platonic leanings are well known.

Agnes, and Other Poems. Even as it destroys, the wind encourages new life on earth and social progress among humanity. Shelley: If the West Wind was Shelley's first convincing attempt to articulate an aesthetic philosophy through metaphors of nature, the skylark is his greatest natural metaphor for pure poetic expression, the "harmonious madness" of pure inspiration.

Early romantic poets

Men often believe they are unstoppable even by nature and time, often comparing the elements to other men, believing that the best surpasses even their power. I fall upon the thorns of life! Unlike Lord Byron, though, Shelley did not receive full critical and popular recognition until after his death. Shelley finds Nature alive, capable of feeling and thinking like a human organism. Shelley: Shelley resembles Byron in his thorough-going revolt against society, but he is totally unlike Byron in several important respects. He turns for inspiration to Greek mythology, as we can see in his "Ode on a Grecian Urn", and to medieval ballads. Shelley holds a much more savagenotion about the season, while Keats looks upon autumn as being soft and gentle. Imagination Imagination is one of the striking characteristics of Romantic Poets. While nursing his brother, Keats met and fell in love with a woman named Fanny Brawne. He must be unselfish; by refusing, that is, to be diverted from his poetic way of helping by his desire to help in another way.

Terza rima utilizes three-line stanzas, which combine iambic meter with a propulsive rhyme scheme. He died there on February 23,at the age of twenty-five, and was buried in the Protestant cemetery.

Beauty itself was his interest, not beauty to point a moral or to carry a message. His greatest complete poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, was composed during his collaborative years with Wordsworth.

role of imagination in keats poetry

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Similarity and Dissimilarity