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Capital Market of Bangladesh: Capital market includes and refers to a number of institution and organizations whereby the suppliers of long-term fund make transactions. The aggregate size of these funds is Tk. This ordinance and regulations laid under the authority of the ordinance is the source of all power and authority of ICB. Providing lease finance singly and through syndication. Counseling and data support In order to develop diversified and balanced portfolio to minimize risk and maximize profit, ICB provides professional advice to its clients. Regularity Bodies: Regularity bodies also not concern take the action when companies do not executed the AGM or declared dividend. Chapter two includes some findings of the study with recommendation of an action plan. Expense Interest on loan currently It is mentioned earlier, that ICB consists of 11 Divisions and 25 departments. As a market maker it floats mutual funds, issues unit certificates, underwrites securities and manages issuance of securities.

Private Placements. The empirical part included only published information and current practices of Investment Corporation of Bangladesh. Fees in this regard are negotiable. Capital markets are immense importance to the long-term growth and prosperity of business and Government organizations as well as in the mobilization of savings and long-term investment in an economy.

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He has successfully completed the internship program at Investment Corporation of Bangladesh ICB and prepared this report on the aforesaid title under my supervision. Risk Management The positioning and diversification of our loan portfolio has helped us to remain profitable throughout the unprecedented stock market uncertainty that we have witnessed in recent years. A cumulative comparative operational position of investors Scheme is given in ensures. Under this scheme the cumulative amount of loan disbursed up to 30 June was Tk. Data collected from different divisions of ICB are all equally important segments of sample used in this study. Other objective of this study is as follows:? The intermediary between the originating issuer and the public buyers is usually the investment bankers who plays a major role in determining which effecting their distribution and underwriting the securities in the event is not a primary offering unless there is a reasonably liquid secondary market where indispensable adjunct of the primary market. Audit And Methods Head Office Investors Scheme: Now this scheme does not allow new investor to open new accounts. Other operating expenses, except interest, were Tk. ICB also acquires shares or securities for its own portfolios. On the other hand, creating investors that furnishes the offsetting demand to absorb the securities that come to the market. The importance of sound Capital Market need not over emphasized as it contributes to the real economic growth of a country.

Nazrul Islam, Head and Associate professor of the Department of Business Administration of Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet and All of the Teachers of the Department especially to my supervisor Ms Nafsaniath Fathema who constantly inspired, supervised, and encouraged me with valuable advice and cooperation through the whole period of my internship Program.

Project Loan Accounts I. Included among these are transactions in the debt and equality issues of business houses as well as the debt instruments of Government agencies and similar other bodies.

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In view of the national policy of accelerating the rate of savings and investment to foster self —reliant economy, ICB assumes an indispensable and pivotal role. The scheme was introduced in with the objective of mobilizing savings and encouraging the full and medium investors to invest in the securities and thereby benefit from such investment, which would help develop capital market, industrialization and economic development.

ICB has so far declared attractive dividends on units every year ranging from Tk.

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Selection of the sample: the sample area of this study covers the head office of ICB.

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