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The pacing is pretty good, if not a little draggy towards the end. He later meets Nishikujouwho seems to be close to Shizuru. Even so, Akane is still somehow honest to the core.

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Appearance Edit She has flaxen hair, and amber eyes. She also promised to let Kotarou touch her boobs if he proved supernatural stuff existed. The group manages to meet together again, but a large monster suddenly attacks them, who doesn't seem to target Akane and Chihaya at all.

Until then, ciao! Here they begin looking into leads for the Occult Club blog, but they simply relax in the clubroom most of the time. Exams pass. Releasing my inner masochism aside, I feel like I want to know where the.

Akane was extremely distraught over her death, due to her being somewhat her mother figure. Akane visits Kotarou and Chihaya after they are attacked by a pack of hound-familiars on the street and scolds both of them while calling them an idiot couple.

She becomes frustrated whenever Kotarou brings a new addition to the Club, but then allows him to do as he pleases, focusing more on playing video games and covering up after them than on actually providing leads or helping them investigate. Kotarou and Akane begin a journey to search for hope The two sing a song while walking along a field of wheat and live in the outer regions of the closed space.

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