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Workplace Harassment As you know, a big part of being a business owner is to provide a safe working environment for all employees.

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TIPS certification means employees serve alcoholic beverages responsibly and are capable of determining when customers reach consumption limits that expose the restaurant to liability. Kathy Kolbe founder of Kolbe Corp. By Ellen Koteff January Employee Management Human resources directors have become increasingly vital to restaurant companies, taking on more responsibility and playing a larger role in their organizations. Risk management and workplace safety programs are vital to preventing workplace accidents and illnesses, mitigating costs and protecting your employees and guests. It is still masked somewhat by the high unemployment numbers. Pay extra attention to your recruiting and hiring process so you can find the perfect employees for your business. Compensation and Benefits Surveying and setting competitive wages, as well as payroll processing are functions HR staff handle for restaurants. Workplace harassment, particularly sexual harassment, is a major issue for the restaurant industry and your business must take strong measures to protect your employees and your business. Get your staff up and running smoothly and efficiently. Real Mex Restaurants filed Chapter 11 reorganization in late Certifications Restaurants in most states that serve alcoholic beverages must have TIPS-certified employees. We are heading to a very expensive labor market. This is important because if someone were to challenge you for wrongful termination, you would have the appropriate documentation to defend your decision. There are many ways to improve your training programs, however, it takes time.

High Turnover High turnover is a concern for most restaurants. To maximize potential and financial success, Kolbe says, companies need to build on the strengths of employees, assign them to roles where they can shine and put them on teams that have diversity in methods of problem solving.

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In addition, restaurant employees often need to be tested for communicable diseases and trained for proper food handling. Support and Training for At Restaurant HR Group, we design fully-customizable support options for all types of restaurants — from start-ups to large restaurant groups.

Many restaurants struggle with keeping track of compliance and are especially prone to FLSA violations because of the long hours and low wages for restaurant workers.

References 3. While benefits such as healthcare and k plans need an upfront cost, this kind of investment can have a very high impact on your employee loyalty and retention. HR staff expertise, knowledge of industry practices and experience create a recipe for restaurant success.

They find ways to create purpose in the workplace. You have to honor your heroes if you really want to build a company that says people first.

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5 HR Systems Every Restaurant Should Focus on Improving