Problems of working women

gender challenges in the workplace

When women look up to men for guidance and mentorship they feel they are disconnected and disoriented as there is a great difference in their objectivity and style of communication. You may consider it as a joke but no! To add more, their wages are always lesser than that of men as it is commonly believed that men have to support their families whereas women work to earn for fulfilling their desires.

Such comments sound too harsh and many times forces the girl to put down her papers.

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Social, cultural and religious factors have reduced the number of women entering the job market. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be self-inflicted; to get out of the mess, we need to organise our time better and get our priorities in order.

Female workplace issues

These misconceptions are still prevalent in society, and women, particularly working women, face lots of problems. WhatsApp An interesting survey among the top corporate giants around the world confirms that women have proved their stupendous presence in almost every industry and in huge numbers. Women who stand up for their self-respect do not fail to voice out their difficulties but naive and fretful women still need to be fed with courage and must be taught to fight back against these vengeful men and show them their place. Throughout the history of Pakistan, Muslim women have suffered a great deal of unnecessary restrictions owing to religious misconceptions. Men always try to prove their superiority while at work. But once the lady resumes office post her maternity break, she may be in for surprise as her role would no more be the same. Mostly women fall prey to cunning men who lure them on the pretext of love and sexually harass them. But despite achieving such huge laurels, women still face many obstacles in their workplace.

She needs to set her priorities right and plan her day well ahead. Women should know to face and win over this emotional challenge in her stride.

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Pregnancy Discrimination Being a working woman can become extremely difficult when it comes to having a baby.

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Problems of working women