Naxalism threat to internal security

He also mooted a plan to create a separate cadre for the intelligence services and appreciated the creation of a Quick Response Team QRT in most cities to tackle the terror threat. Also, security force personnel do not deliberately wish to kill civilians or set villages on fire. The government has abdicated its responsibilities and the region is no less than a war zone. The government has no excuse for not providing at least basic facilities in these camps. Third, there should be improved coordination between central and state authorities to control the situation. The main source of weapons continues to be by means of looting them from the security forces. The biggest danger today is that of militarizing the problem. Finally, a proper analysis of the Naxal threat is very important given that while some of them are mercenaries and others are ideologues, a vast majority enter the movement because they have no other choice. If the government treats the Naxal movement callously the problem is only bound to worsen. Apart from these, policing has its own limitations based on terrain and the target areas to be protected. The Indian freedom struggle with its emphasis on non-violence provides the foundation for governance in India. The minister said increased infiltration bids from across the border was a clear indicator of what terrorists want to do.

The idea of collateral damage in an operation must be properly understood as unavoidable and unintended damage. The intellectuals of the country can and should play a greater role in defining the threat.

naxalism the biggest internal security problem gd

The whole debate on economic development tends to revolve around options of hard economics, that is, construction of roads and rails.

On paper, several measures to tackle the problem have been taken such as setting up of task forces, organisational bodies, commissions, coordination teams, a point action plan and so on. Mayawati, who did not participate in the conference, also said in her speech that states like Assam, Tripura and West Bengal are responding to only a few ratification requests of alleged Bangladeshi migrants.

naxalism is the biggest threat to the indian democracy in 21st century

The larger issue is that there is no approach to finding any permanent answers. Moreover, civilian organizations like the People's Democratic Front support this movement.

naxalism biggest threat to india upsc

Following a PIL registered against the campaign in the Supreme Court, a notice was issued to the Chhattisgarh government, but it has not responded yet. We have implemented a surrender and rehabilitation policy as well as various operational strategies to tackle the menace of extremism," he said underlining the need to increase the number of central paramilitary force companies in the state to check illegal infiltration, smuggling of narcotics, fake currency circulation and human trafficking.

The army can also play a role in training the police force. A reverse case scenario exists as the police are trained to deal with criminals and not civilians. The role of economic development cannot be ignored in the areas affected by Naxal extremism. Lack of economic growth often leads to violence. Second, the people mobilized by the Naxals have imbibed their ideology and the Naxal chain of command has been firmly established. Chidambaram acknowledged that the Naxals remain a major threat to internal security and gave an indication of increasing the scale of operations against the maoists. The Salwa Judum kill with impunity, and cases of looting and arson have been reported against its members. Respect for human rights should not be sidelined by the state. The campaign is destroying the culture of tribal society.

However, it also allows certain kinds of private violence and rejects others.

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Naxalism and Internal Security in India