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However, this issue would require a separate study. The fourth implication is that correctional practitioners need to work with offenders to promote good or better lives rather than adopting a simple risk reduction and management approach.

Moreover, it is widely believed that once findings are critical of the system or establishment, respondents might be asked to explain their involvement in the research. As I discovered, there is no academic information on prisoner rehabilitation — or prisons generally — in the country.

It erodes resources and physical space to undertake rehabilitative functions.

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The prisoners I interviewed comprised the following: At Arua Men: 1 head teacher and 2 teachers in the prison primary school, 3 instructors in the prison carpentry workshop, 2 primary school and 2 carpentry learners.

It has drawn linkages between the historical background and current prison population, but also showed that the prison population is a reflection of the national population and judicial system in Uganda.

This in turn contributes to the large numbers of people in prison who are not convicted, having been committed to the high court, and therefore waiting for the judge Kaweesa, ; Kyalimpa, 9 December In other words, the purpose of human rights is to ensure that the inherent dignity of all human beings is maintained.

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The existing literature on prisons in Uganda is therefore insufficient to generate understanding on the rehabilitative programs offered to prisoners by the UPS.

The goal of the program is to improve the social, moral, and behavioural deficits of juveniles and adult offenders who are believed to have lower levels of moral reasoning.

They observe that for many countries including Uganda[14] the information is simply not available or the prison statistics not accurate, and thus the existing resources do not adequately reflect current issues and experiences.

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Consequently, initiatives have been stratified according to a hierarchy of needs, dealing first with basic physical needs and more distantly with rehabilitation and other measures to promote reintegration of offenders into society Tapscott It was opened in the s, according to the OC, and had three wards with a capacity of 70 at that time. At the same time, rights imply duties. Imprisonment was not regarded as a suitable form of punishment for ordinary offenders Sarkin-Hughes, , physical restraint was rarely used, and detention does not appear to have been regarded as a punishment in itself Read, When I suggested that she check her computer for some annual reports or any report that could have historical information, she insisted that she had a new computer and was not sure whether old information had been backed up. Regardless of these hiccups, nobody received any compensation for their time or the information they provided, and none of them indicated any expectation for such. Under this approach, punishments are to be carefully calibrated to ensure maximum effect from the minimum pain, they must be put to good use, rather than striking out destructively, and should be made positive in their results; corrective measures should be individualised and adapted to a specific case or particular problem. These tendencies become even more evident if one observes the fluctuating population of local jails, which are increasingly transformed into modern-day poorhouses in charge of the low-cost warehousing of petty offenders now deemed unworthy of expensive stays in state prisons: In the total US jail population rose by 1. The service has two directorates: Correctional Services and Administration. It is based on a moral development model of offending, drawing on the connection between thought process and behaviour.
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