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The analysis is based on large-N quantitative methods, and applies sophisticated multi-level modelling techniques, which are very appropriate for the given data structure and research question. She also has a clear grasp of the methodology she uses interviewsand the thesis includes a transparent and initiated discussion of her results.

Schubert shows that in PEGIDA discourse, European signifies values, freedoms, norms and principles among which the freedom of expression and sexual rights gain central importance. Failure to comply with any of the requirements indicated above is likely to result in exclusion from the evaluation phase of the competition, due to ineligibility.

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Borders of regions may have changed over time. August Feedback to the applicants and information on their inclusion in the shortlist. Nominated theses should deal with at least one of the scientific goals of the programme as a whole, thereby addressing the subject of regional cohesion through one or more of the following themes: Expressions of regional cohesion and identity, including language and dialect, material culture, customs, myths Discourses of identity and power. Bringing together previously separate research, contributing original theorization and operationalization, deploying a very suitable and advanced statistical method on new large-N data, presenting a stringent very readable text which give evidence of a transparent and self-critical intellectual attitude, this thesis is a substantial academic input to the research on EU reforms for promoting competitiveness. Consequently, her work represents a significant scholarly contribution to the research of the democracy deficit in the EU. He shows a commendable ability to reflect these literatures critically as he synthesizes them to a coherent framework. In this sense, empirical analysis and theory development are conducted and interrelated in an exemplary manner. The thesis expands the normative analysis of the intra-EU mobility beyond its economic impact. The relationship between majorities and minorities is a recurrent theme in the study of regional cohesion.

Julia shows that she has a deep understanding of the relevant literature, as well as a good understanding of how to design an inquiry of relevance to her field. The thesis is well structured, eloquently written, and gives evidence of a transparent and self-critical attitude.

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The Graduation Ceremony is normally held in October each year. Applicants of ineligible submissions will be notified as soon as the ineligibility issue is discovered, and the reasons motivating their exclusion from the competition will be duly explained.

The relationship between physical geography and regional identity; the structuring of space in terms of cores and peripheries; the role of distance from centres of power For further details on the exact nature and intended scope of each of these topics, applicants are referred to the EuroCORECODE Background page.

Master thesis award europe map

A privately managed private monopoly could be expected to have negative welfare effects due to high prices and low quality. Ethnicity and language often marked social difference and social hierarchy; religion notably the impact of conversion and of the Reformation could generate or reinforce minority identities Environment. We also offer attractive partnerships when you resell Spatineo Monitor to your end-customers. The jury reserves the right not to award the prize, or to invite a smaller number of finalists, if the theses fail to meet the required standards. Unfortunately for you we only consider applications from students who graduated within the academic year to create a fair playing field. Aim The award is a celebration of PR academia and of the role performed by European Higher Education Institutions in the evolution of knowledge of this field. The distinguishing strength of the work, however, lies in its theoretical import. Please note that this language requirement is necessary for facilitating the international assessment of applications and that ability in English will not form part of the evaluation. Consequently, her work represents a significant scholarly contribution to the research of the social and individual consequences of economic crisis and unemployment. While Maria profoundly grounds her work in previous research, she convincingly presents an unexpected theoretical argument -- namely that increased levels of unemployment may in fact improve individual life-satisfaction.
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Joona Laine granted PROGIS Award for Great Master Thesis