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The head then introduced itself as the lord of the flies to Simon who still thinks he is imagining. But after a while they become acquaintances, then friends and finally best friends.

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In the Lord of the Flies, the beast is very important. I am the Beast Golding wanted to illustrate in this novel the dark side of human nature and make the point that each member of humankind has this dark side. The symbolism of characters in Golding's Lord of the Flies plays a huge role in the book.

In the novel, there are many references to the beast.

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T: Golding presents Piggy to symbolize law and order, humanism, and physical inferiority--Piggy is portrayed as a boy with much intellectual capacity, yet he does not fully make use of it due to his "lord of the flies" context importance on events that took place - essay words - 3 pages turn to savagery to eliminate any problems.

There is no external beast. Yet all along the boys take on the persona of the beast when they act on their animal impulses. As the book progresses he forms an allegory between the island and the real world.

As the fear of the beast tribe, jack decided to offer him a sacrifice which is pig head. Did you hear that? He also includes one character, Simon, who symbolizes natural goodness, a different kind of civility compared to Ralph.

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Lord of the Flies: The Beast Within Us All Essay