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One of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century, Picasso is known for co-founding the Cubist movement, the co-invention of collage, and for many other styles that he helped develop and explore All images of paintings simply transferred generalizing strokes.

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The first public reaction was shock, however, it was the first step to Cubism on the way of painting, and many critics consider it the starting point of modern art. It is a logical starting point in the history of Cubism. It is possible that Picasso felt that the mask motif was quite fitting for a brothel scene when women take on the role of sexual objects rather than the roles they play on a daily basis. Artists, musicians, writers, and other professions were creating different pieces to contribute to their generation. Picasso translates Avignon young women, he to the painting can connect with prostitutes. Moreover, there are subtle gradations of gray tones between these extremes. The worst thing in this event is that the city was not military objective. The first cubist works were those in which objects, landscapes, and people are represented as many-sided solids. Later, cubism changed using a flatter type of abstraction, in which the complete pattern, becomes more important, and the objects represented are largely indecipherable For Picasso, the Minotaur is a destructive force, symbol of war and death.

In the other hand, Expressionism artists not used traditional elements to created their works so this painting is not match with Expressionism theme. The styles that were used for these paintings are also diverse.

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Many artists are encapsulated in history with no easy answer as to why the particular artist is worth remembering as a historical figure in the first place. The hand of a warrior with a sword is a fragment that serves as an allegorical reminder of resistance, the will to win. Each viewpoint view objects overlap discharge caused many angles perpendicular and parallel lines, scattered shadow cubism screen does not make a three-dimensional perspective of Western painting traditions cause illusion. I chose to look at works by Picasso, as I feel his work influenced a lot of 20th century and modern day artists, and it has helped shape the art world into what it is today, in every aspect and style of art, from sculpture to typography However, something that is no t very well known about this certain piece of artwork is the political message behind it. Inclusion in the range of any other color would only weaken the impression. In the finished version, the men are not present. A woman with a lamp is an allegory of humanity, beauty and goodness, a symbol of mind. I felt extremely uncomfortable glancing at it , let alone staring at it closely for twenty minutes. The image of the bull symbolizes evil, soullessness and power, which is indifferent to good.

Picasso father began teaching him to draw and paint from early childhood, and by the time he was Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you.

This was also during Eng the Spanish Civil War. Picasso translates Avignon young women, he to the painting can connect with prostitutes.

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Fear that satiates the painting becomes real for all the observers. He was most famous for his paintings. Traditional elements, used figures to created a two-dimensional space painting and broken figure and re combine them to flat planes are the Cubism artworks specially elements then other painting styles.

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Avignonby Pablo Picassosent my emotions spinning. Draperies, forming background of the picture, create a sense of decay and disharmony.

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Les Demoiselles d Avignon: Expository Essay