How to write a personification poem

Sentence with Personification: Annabelle listened to the storm rage outside her window: winds grabbed the house and shook the walls, rain hammered on the roof like it was trying to break in, and the thunder grumbled and roared with anger.

As mommy goes in and out of the room; tables and chairs become their ballroom! While the chairs were passing gas The gravy gurgled merrily As the oil danced in a pan.

personification poems about nature

Their reasoning is that no piece of writing is ever truly finished; the author just decides when he is finished working on it. Example 1 For example, imagine a child is afraid of a storm.

personification poem generator

Not only is this a colorful and creative way to describe the scene, it also tells us lots about the character that is walking through it. For example, an oak tree grows slowly, is very tall and is hard. Boy, the secrets they could tell!

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How to Write a Personification Poem: 10 Steps (with Pictures)