How to write a critical review of a psychology article

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The best way to summarise is to: Scan the text. So do it. These are quite different grounds for considering a proposition, and critical thought requires that both writer and reader know and consider these differences.

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These are often treated as distinct methods of data collection, with quantitative research taking a scientific perspective, testing hypotheses and collecting numbers, and qualitative research concerned to look at subjective experience in greater depth and through text and words Babbie This can help your critique sound fair and reasonable. Then a number of aspects will be considered in more detail with a critical perspective, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of the paper. They then demonstrate that in fact it was bad writing, but I wasn't perceptive enough to see that; and they offer an analysis. The first thing you need to know or decide is how many words. Another alternative is to point out questions that the researchers failed to answer in the discussion section. The approach taken by the author provides the opportunity to examine Therefore the author believes that this is a reason for some school's… Evaluation language This argument is not entirely convincing, as This will deal with all their problems, but by planning and not by correction. Plan and re-plan the detailed structure of the essay focussing all the time on its " logical skeleton ": i. Did the researchers collect all of the data needed to measure the variables in question?

Please try again. If so, then you may not need advice here, and if not, then revising the paragraphs they complain about will probably get you through.

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Reread the text and make separate notes of the main points. In general, provide context for your reader before asking that reader to consider anything new. Use of source material in example a: This is a simple paraphrase with no critical comment.

Place the person or thing whose "story" a sentence is telling at the beginning of the sentence, in the topic position. If you want a master class on this level of writing: this is the paper 9 pages long to study.

The author's prose is dense and littered with unnecessary jargon Is the study procedure clearly outlined in the methods section? This is really the "bottom up" approach to writing where you I write first, and work out the plan and message afterwards.

Argue one point at a time.

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Writing a Critique