How to correctly write an address with commas

This rule can be confusing because introductory elements are often hard to identify. A parenthetical element is a phrase that adds extra information to the sentence but could be removed without changing the meaning.

You also use commas when you include addresses and locations. Example: It was in the Sun's June 5,edition. If you are writing out the full date, add a comma after the day and before the year.

This is also acceptable, but if we want to connect them into one compound sentence, both a comma and a coordinating conjunction are needed to make the sentence grammatically correct.

The comma is a punctuation mark that indicates a pause in a sentence or a separation of things in a list.

how to write an address with an apartment number example

Rule 1: Use a comma to separate independent clauses linked with coordinating conjunctions. Examples: Prepositional phrase: In a hard fought contest, the home team prevailed after two overtimes. More information on compound sentences The comma should be placed in front of the coordinating conjunction.

Without this comma, readers may think that the last two items are linked together in the list. If you have what can be two separate sentences but want to make them one creating a compound sentenceuse a comma and a coordinating conjunction for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so to link them.

Example: He said "Stop.

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Grammar and Punctuation: Comma Rules Explained