Hewlett packard case study analysis

A team of researchers has been hired to carry out innovative products. Changes made by Fiorina More concentration on HPs total solution offering compared to individual products. Brand management has been successfully been done by creating innovative technologies which provide better market position to the company.

Threat of substitute products Threat for substitute products has been great since there are different products which can be substituted for the HP product range.

The culture of the company is compatible with different national cultures as well as diversified social systems. There are many buyers in the market this does not provide any single buyer a strong bargaining power.

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The company has specialized in the development and manufacture of personal computers, computer peripherals, software and hardware. External Environment Technology in the personal computing industry has been very innovative and this has been adopted by HP to manufacture competitive products.

HP narrowly won a shareholder vote in March favoring acquisition. There is no dominant supplier in the market and the company has adequate control over the pricing strategies adopted by the suppliers Banna, There are many substitute products in the industry and this has intensified the level of competition Banna, How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

IT systems of the company have been developed to compete successfully with substitute products in the market.

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HP Case study analysis Essay Example