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Tanzang Luma III Imus, Cavite between effort and grades that could helps them become more accountable for their progress. It does not have a standalone program that will accept input, compute grades and print class cards all in a same program.

Software Development Methodology There are number of reasons because of which ongoing project may stop. According to socialresearchmethods.

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Recto Information and Communication Technology High School as a source for respondents in this study. On the other hand, we see that it is possible to have students sit an exam in a computer laboratory and submit their examination papers electronically.

Once assessment has been published, the policy at Curtin University is that it cannot be changed without the consent of the majority of students. Obviously, the system would need to assess with the same degree of accuracy as a manual grader.

Tanzang Luma III Imus, Cavite A good automated grading system should be capable of executing the test cases written by students as well as the faculty on the project, determining the coverage of the test cases, and compiling and executing the submitted programs.

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(DOC) Sample Grading System Documentation