First love by ivan turgenev

I crimsoned, picked up my gun from the ground, and pursued by a musical but not ill-natured laugh, fled to my own room, flung myself on the bed, and hid my face in my hands.

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After dinner I went into the garden, but without my gun. She steps over the edge of the boat, the Bacchantes surround her, whirl her away into night and darkness. All this she did in silence with a sort of droll deliberation and with the same bright sly smile on her slightly parted lips.

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We went back into the lodge. I must have some one who can master me. Turgenev's Novels, v. Take this magnificent phrase: The air blew in a gust for an instant; a streak of fire flashed across the sky; it was a star falling.

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Zinaida respects Dr.

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First Love by Ivan Turgenev