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I am quite literally on a personal journey to explore my thoughts and feelings and to internally and externally process my evolving experience because of one event which occurred just after the beginning of the semester. The second and the last line of his poem illustrate how Mr.

This gives the reader a hint that the poem is a poem were, the mother, in some way or another is molding or guiding the son into the right path. Her life as a youth could have been stripped from her through slavery. The setting is not specifically stated but Langston has granted a couple of clues for which the reader can rely.

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Just by reading the title, the reader may wonder what type of poem this is going to be. However, she still climbs on, reaching landings, turning corners, and persevering in the dark when there is no light. This journey of hers to overcome the pains of racism was rough, but through it all she has "been a-climbin' on, and reachin' landin's, and turnin' corners" Hughes Not only must she climb these stairs but she most evade all of the hazardous objects in her way.

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Langston Hughes' "Mother To Son" Essay Example