Essay on disengagement theory

This is why there has been several theories developed to help understand the phenomenon of ageing.

pros and cons of disengagement theory

It is evident that most persons at the age of 60 and 65 are considered to be at the age of retirement. Personality is Natural This group believes that your personality is result of evolutionary process.

disengagement theory and retirement

Disengagement occurs across all cultures but is shaped by the culture in which it occurs. This was drawn from an observation that these elderly people hold on to age as being their rationale for withdrawal from activities that were previously found meaningful.

Activity continuity or disengagement theories

The theory suggests that the society recognizes that the elder people will soon die and that the society has to prepare to live and work in their absence. Markson, In the provided case study, we have an example of Mrs. A healthy lifestyle can help lower the chances of many illnesses and diseases as well as improving your psychological health, for example the healthier and active you are the more friends and activities you are likely to have to keep you happy and in touch with the world. I was born gay! It is more about what a person is like due to the environment they are in. It is important for us to be able to supervise such elements and predict the patterns of their outcome, in order to assist our senior citizens as best we can. The relationship between quality of life and its effects on successful ageing is still under extensive study.

A disjunction between the two will occur when one is ready but not the other. Although freedom is important to the individual the health and social care worker must be aware of the extent of the independence to be given to the individual ensuring they are protected against any potential risks or dangers.

disengagement theory and depression

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Disengagement Theory Essay Example