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The common denominator for every culture is that music is a silent successive instrument to inspire people. For example, faith and belief song, and culture activities.

How Music Inspired Culture Music, as definition in many aspect, somehow comforts one's feeling.

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While entertainers can move the masses, their voice is usually discarded among politicians. It can be traced through almost all civilizations in one form or another.

The musical elements often exist to celebrate parts of the culture, to provide an element of sound to express spiritually, and to worship one or more Gods. It allowed them to represent their anger or sorrow without acting out violently while also spreading awareness to the listeners about their stories, ideas, struggles, deep emotions, and the messages behind their songs.

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Dancing Girl sculpture from the Indus Valley Civilization c. I will space this paper out into three areas as stated above, touching on the history and culture, the sound itself, and performance of the genre It diverged from Carnatic music around the 13thth centuries CE, primarily due to Islamic influences.

This makes music inspires culture and then generation pass that culture's music now inspire a new generation men. In reference to clothing, look at all the scantly clad women dancing in the music videos.

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Hawaii has a rich history, beginning with the early settlers from Polynesia who brought their traditions and religions to Hawaii. Each musical era had its own code of values, social forms, and material traits.

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Pop Culture: Music is a Positive Influence Essay example