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Conclusion To follow the simple rules of friendship is not easy for all it require a kind of faith trust and loyalty towards their friends. Following an Essay Editing Checklist An editing checklist provides a simple list of things you should be on the lookout for when reviewing and revising your essay.

They actually denotes to true friendship. Is it clear what each pronoun he, she, it, they, which, who, this, etc.

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A clear red line of thread should be apparent from the introduction through to the conclusion. Our promise Quality of work is essential to us. You can edit on several levels: Content Have you done everything the assignment requires? Watch out for this error each and every time. Conclusion A good friendship is very difficult to come across.

After parents true friends are the real well-wishers of us who can even slap us when we are wrong. Are there any extraneous or missing sentences in any of your paragraphs? Have you answered the question correctly?

You have a word count to meet. Have I applied a consistent formatting and referencing style throughout the essay?

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