Educating rita into the world monologue

educating rita monologues

Did you bugger the Bursar? I sort of encapsulated all me ideas into one line.

Educating rita into the world monologue

I can't stand here idling, there's work to be done. Annoyed, Rita says she does not want to be funny but to talk seriously with everyone and not play the court jester. Denny found out I was on the pill, he's burnt all me books. It's not their fault but sometimes I hate them. So have a good holiday. What do you talk about here in your bistro? Good, because I want you to hear this. Whilst you were sleeping, a group of Cambridge dons broke in and stole your essay on Chekhov. This clever, pyrotechnical pile of self-conscious allusion You won't hurt my feelings. Certainly don't wanna go rushing off with some fella. Literary criticism.

Russell wrote the play in the s and it is somewhat autobiographical, it explores…. So, to give me something new to write about, she left me. All in, all in.

To Frank, this made her cynical and almost disrespectful with a yearning for something better, and this was the person who he became so fond of.

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I just can't figure it. How can I do me essay with you demolishing the house? Who needs all that talking??

I haven't seen her in a long time, we split up.

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I wanna learn and pass exams like they do. When you've got Follow me. What's funny? Life is such a rich and frantic world that I need the drink to help me step delicately through it. Those who wish to sing always find a song. Who needs all that talking? Frank smiles and says she did not buy the wrong wine and did not need to dress up or bring wine at all. The test he gave her without letting her know that he was testing her was to read some of his poetry. She tells him to be firm and not to pity her or spare her feelings. Come this evening. It's the aristocracy that swears most. No, Frank, it's not just me that thinks so.
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Monologue for Educating Rita