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It was, however, adopted not as a solution to deteriorating Indian economy but to enable itself to get further foreign exchange loans from World Bank as its foreign exchange reserves were reduced to mere 3 weeks outflow.

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And the price that government accepts was also reduced for some reason. Moreover, investment in these countries should be channelised to build adequate social and economic overheads.

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In this way, the economic interdependence of globalization has resulted in stabilized security. A The implications of such a development for the world trading system is that China will basically will be the root of trading.

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Thus due to market imperfections, the underdeveloped countries fail to reach the optimum production function due to lack of optimum allocation of resources. Although economies that are dependent on commodity exports may suffer, lower input prices for industry as well as lower fuel prices for households will provide a boost to aggregate demand and global growth. In respect of changes in the contribution of services sector, the result is not so marked or consistent among the various countries. Technology and Productivity One important factor contributing to the material wealth of a society is its productivity. Below are the categories most economists agree influence economic growth. Thus in order to attain a higher rate of development, the underdeveloped countries should adapt only that type of technology which can suit their requirements. All these social forces are obstructing the path of development of these underdeveloped countries. To achieve this, they have not stuck to one particular field to enhance their business, but into virtually all sectors of business so as to maximise on market opportunities and bring out top class results. In response, the government might regulate how much pollutants a company can release. Studies have.

The main language spoken is Spanish, but there are numerous other languages spoken around the cities. As a result wrong auction design resulted in low revenues.

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This is among the oldest and most central questions of economics. Number of participants in both countries' auctions was low, which means that there were risks of collusion.

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All this helped contribute to UK raising 39 billion euros and being the most successful out of all the countries that took part in the 3G auctions. Moreover, weak and corrupt public administration in these countries has been resulting a huge leakage of public fund meant for investment in developmental activities. Collecting data on economic growth Comparing economic data of different countries can be helpful when looking at which factors of economic growth are significant in terms of enhancing economic growth. Many have embraced the sharing economy as it is found to be a great value to the consumer. Factors of economic growth Economists continue to seek to understand the forces underlying economic growth. Secondly, the production frontier, i. Here the consumption level of individual is very much influenced by the standard of living or consumption habits of his neighbours, friends and relatives but not by its income alone. In the absence of public co-operation and participation, this development strategy cannot function properly. Every market should strive to be efficient. Some analysts also argue that culture plays a role in growth. In short, resources go to the formation of population not capital. At an even more abstract level are what economist Kenneth Arrow called the "invisible institutions" of morals, customs and social norms. Political stability is also important for a healthy economy; crime, poverty, income disparity and armed conflicts can be both a cause and result of poor economic growth. Plan for economic progress and social betterment cannot be initiated from outside of a country.
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