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Individuals with complement deficiencies are at higher risk of infection with these organisms, and, in the case of N.

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Well-studied example are antibodies against HIV-1 gp that interfere with binding of gp to CD4 Neutralization is herein referred to as the ability of antibody by itself to inhibit infection of susceptible cells or, in the case of some extracellular organisms, to inhibit an initial pathogenic step.

Fc-FcR interactions are also important for phagocytosis of pathogens or of infected cells, although phagocytosis can occur in the absence of antibody or in the presence of antibody through other receptors including complement receptors IgA directed against surface proteins or glycoproteins can mediate neutralization of Sendai virus, influenza virus, and measles virus within susceptible target cells 72 - H chains with three C domains tend to include a spacer hinge region between the first CH1 and second CH2 domains.

A particularly interesting point about this study was the need for PMNs despite the high neutralizing titer of the infused immune serum; this finding is consistent with that of Hessell, et al.

For example, the anti-foot-and-mouth-disease virus mAb 4C9 disrupts virion capsids, possibly by mimicking the virus' cell receptor

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Structure and Function of Immunoglobulins