Direct mailing vs personal selling essay

Thus, marketers and advertisers know what kinds of products to target us with. Some companies use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as email, to build personal relationships with customers that can ultimately lead to sales.

While there are certainly many salespeople who fall into this category, the truth is salespeople are most successful when they focus their efforts on satisfying customers over the long term and not focusing own their own selfish interests. Can be based on referrals, cold calling or repeat contact.

As we will discuss, the advent of controlled word-of-mouth marketing is leading to personal selling becoming a useful mechanism for introducing consumers to new products.

Must know value of product, provide warranties etc.!! All forms of this promotion tool share the following characteristics: less public, immediate, customized, and interactive.

personal selling and direct marketing ppt

High turnover of personnel. Better with heavily advertised items that are presold.

role of personal selling in imc

Instead, companies give information directly to consumers in the form of mailers, fliers and catalogs.

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Direct Mail and Email Marketing Essay