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Marketers can do three things to delay the inevitable forces of commoditization. Delegation and empowerment have a price. How can you make money? The current environment offers arbitrageurs an interesting opportunity to improve their position. It is obvious that this status is difficult to reach for a supplier and it requires hard work from the whole organisation. That makes customer service a potentially powerful tool in the fight against commoditization. Your product or service is almost certainly made in a different location to that of your competitors and this in itself may make you special. A Strong Market Footprint. Nevertheless, a number of businesses, including several oil companies, utilities, and pharmaceutical companies, have successfully blended the two models and are reaping substantial rewards. Both are designed to stop the drift into the commodity trap and defend margins. Notes: 3.

Customers receive emails in which words and images communicate the type of company that has sent it. Generally speaking, commoditized products within specific categories are so similar to one another that they are only distinguished by the price-tags attached to them.

In response, they have opted to refocus their efforts on first- or second-quartile cost assets and sell marginal or logistics assets, such as storage facilities or subscale refineries—many of which have the potential to deliver considerable value to arbitrageurs.

Optimization decisions often affect both the commercial and production parts of the value chain. An excellent customer experience program never stops. People remember good service long after they have forgotten the price of whatever they have purchased.

Companies that are able to develop technologies and methods to reduce waste, decrease production time, and increase yield from raw materials can build a significant cost advantage.

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A producer that successfully combines many of these levers should be able to create a first- or second-quartile cost position for its production portfolio, ensuring profitability. A customer who calls a company will be introduced to the experience of speaking to a receptionist and hopefully not a recorded message.

This grouping of products, combined with attractive pricing, can help a company soften the sting of commoditized items. Indeed, some may not even recognize or acknowledge the challenge, let alone succeed at crafting an effective plan to address it.

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Imperfections make it difficult for companies to understand where demand will meet supply and, hence, to predict prices.

As more and more people started using the social network, it became more and more useful to them.

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Examples of Commoditization