College essay topic brainstorming methods

Before you write anything of value, you must first pre-write. Check Out These Related Posts! In your ideal world, where would you live in ten years? For virtually every student applying to college, the moment when you sit down to draft your personal statement is likely the first—and may end up being the only—time in your life when you are pushed to describe your entire identity succinctly and eloquently.

But if done correctly, acknowledging that you are not perfect can add genuineness to any personal essay.

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If this feat seems daunting or spellbindingly vague to you, you are not alone. There are several ways to go about this. Usually best to pick ONE quality in each essay to give it a sharp focus. No one said writing this would be easy. The point here is not that you will eventually share your deepest, darkest secret with the schools you apply to though you could. Read on for 3 surprising brainstorming exercises that will lead you to an effective personal statement strategy. Now, check if any of them are particularly unusual, unique, memorable, entertaining or interesting.

You often have a very small space in which to express yourself, which is why these essays lend themselves to bite-sized tales that are representative of the whole, versus broad subjects that say very little in-depth about your inherent nature.

The first step is to back up. Can you go even smaller?

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Just me? Now, check if any of them are particularly unusual, unique, memorable, entertaining or interesting.

College essay topic brainstorming methods

The brainstorming process, in order for it to be truly effective, has to be one devoid of self-criticism and judgment. And these five brainstorming games are gonna help you do it. After all, it is easy to write about these things. Check Out These Related Posts! Remember, if you can think of your past problems, you are bound to find a great topic to start your college application essay! I hope this has helped you collect some of your recent problems. Eat an ice cream cone. Could such an ordinary, everyday topic like making paperbag lunches get you into your dream school? A passionate learner, she cares deeply about helping high school students navigate the process of college admissions, whether it be through private essay tutoring or sharing advice on the CollegeVine blog.

Read my posts in this Jumpstart page and I promise this will start to make more sense, and even give you more ways to discover your best topic ideas. They cannot change the prompts, but they may choose which to write about first.

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Yet another way to discuss your character flaws is to acknowledge how certain struggles or personal shortcomings have shaped your identity, allowing you to go into more detail about the ways in which you were able to better yourself by identifying a flaw in yourself and being willing to fix it.

Try to think of one big example and one small one.

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21 College Essay Topics and Ideas That Worked (Guide + Examples)