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If the projector struggles with brightness it will not show up. While both have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to image quality, their differences illustrate the importance of brightness. For some, this means you can download a video or two to watch no matter how far away you are from a Wi-Fi signal.

There are now many projectors available that weigh less than 5 pounds, which can lighten your load considerably if you're a mobile presenter. For more specific needs, check out our favorite portable projectors and our top models for home use.

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Best Projectors Featured in This Roundup:. If your projector has a compatible port, you can also connect an external hard drive, flash drive or your computer to view anything those devices have on them or can access online. Portability A projector might be marketed as portable, but is it really portable?

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Opens a new window. During our picture quality testing, the laser mini projectors we reviewed had substantially better color accuracy marks than competing LED models. So when looking into available portable projectors, always keep in mind just how portable and soundly built the device is.

Best business projectors of TechRadar Welcome to our list of the best business projectors in Several 3D schemes are available, so just because a projector is 3D-ready doesn't necessarily mean it will work with the 3D source you want to use.

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Now, the resolution is a little bit different with something being projected and an actual screen.

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