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Include only the elements you need to facilitate your process. This is where your editorial style guide will come into play.

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Thanks, as always for tuning in, and Happy New Year! You also need to police them to make sure they are keeping to that voice.

These include the dates that the content is due to the editor, along with target dates for publishing. New marketing ideas are sexy.

Now go back over your Top Ten List and add in one major item to each month in your action plan. Make sure you are very specific with what you write down and list goals that are measurable.

How to refer to the company, product lines, individuals, etc. Really think through this and make sure that your list includes both personal goals vacations, spending time with family, getting healthy, etc.

An editorial guide? In the end, whatever helps to smooth out your process and keep you on track is the best editorial calendar format. If you work for a larger organization, you may want to add workflow steps including legal, fact checking, proofreading, or other elements that will affect your content creation and management process.

The number of these you want to include is really up to you. So tell me… What specific challenge in your business or life are you actively trying to solve right now?

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