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In two states viz Haryana and Himachal Pradesh were created from Punjab. Article 3 of the Indian Constitution provides the provision of creating a new state. Odisha : Orissa was made a separate province in by the British and in became a state. It would be, however, unfair to club Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan with Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, as the latter two are in an advanced state of political degeneracy with none of their institutions left with an acceptable degree of integrity. At this time India had three types of states 1 'Territories of British India', 2 'Princely states' and the colonial territories of France and Portugal. The first [as Uttarakhand] and last of these have now become constitutional and administrative realities. Himachal Pradesh : Himachal Pradesh was created with the merger of 30 princely states in , and in , was declared a Union Territory. Current GK History and date of formation of Indian states since After the bifurcation of the JK into two separate Union Territories; the number of states in India changed to 28 states while the number of Union Territories became 9 which were 7 earlier the bifurcation.

Khandesh lies on the Northwestern corner of the Deccan plateau, in the valley of the Tapi Riverand is bound to the north by the Satpura Rangeto the east by the Berar Vidarbha region, to the south by the Hills of Ajanta, belonging to the Marathwada region of Maharashtra, and to the west by the northernmost ranges of the Western Ghatsand beyond them the coastal plain of Gujarat.

This Indo-European language is subclassified as Indo-Aryan. It was further bifurcated in and Chhattisgarh became a new state. For Mandla, the corresponding figure is 57 per cent.

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All the states together have a total annual expenditure in excess of about Rs, crore. The yearning for linguistic sub-nationalism is a post-independence phenomenon. Since the indian independence the boundaries of the Indian states keep on changing year by year.

The previous National Democratic Alliance government introduced a bill in Parliament into grant full statehood to Delhi, but the legislation was not passed.

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How a new state is created in India