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In Malaysia, costumers are becoming more health conscious and provide an opportunity for the chocolate makers to diversify the product with different flavours and healthy ingredients.

Every strategic plan must cater the importance of political impacts so that effective strategy is built to make proper alignment and the risk of project failures due to political instability is already comprehended with alternative choices Porter, Most importantly, the consumption behaviour has significant impact on the product sales and in reflection to this companies have to consider demographics changes of the customer.

Noorazian Noordin 1. For instance, chocolate in the form of bar has attained much more popularity in Malaysian market. The reason for this dedication is a simple one as we aim to keep our customers happy.

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In the presence of such global giants it is very difficult for new entrants to fetch their position in the market but the economic system and growth of chocolate market is such that even new entrants can entertain the customer with good profitability. Manufacturing, Manufacturing-Related Services and Agro-based industries "Small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing, manufacturing related services and agro-based industries are enterprises with full-time employees not exceeding OR with annual sales turnover not exceeding RM25 million" 2.

Government can intervene in the operations which are not environmental friendly and the issues of such like are the impacts that chocolate manufacturer will have to face from the political point of view.

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