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A few final tips: What separates it from other things that you do?

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Question: "What is a supply curve? Explanation questions. Relationship questions. Play-it-safe answer: My family. Are they complimentary? Explanation questions require you to explain why something is true or how something functions. Allen Grove is an Alfred University English professor and a college admissions expert with 20 years of experience helping students transition to college. Same thing, bro. Many students benefit by creating flashcards. The short answer section certainly carries less weight than the main personal essay, but it does matter. Example: motivated, hardworking, determined Cool. Did swimming teach you leadership skills, or did your involvement in a sport make you much better at time management? Example questions. Be thorough.

The con is that you can't just just memorize information and expect to do well on a short answer test — you must understand course material and concepts.

Many students benefit by creating flashcards. Is it filled with obscure and tongue-twisting language, or is the prose clear, engaging, and fluid?

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Question: "Provide two examples of pairs of goods that are substitutes. College applicants often answer the short answer in broad, unfocused terms. See Doug's essay for an example of how ego can weaken a short answer.

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Got a favorite short answer example? Understanding each will improve your performance on short-answer quizzes, tests and exams. Level of expertise Short Answer: Assumes that the reader of the answer is an expert.

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Question: "What is a supply curve? Short Essay: Assumes the reader of the reader is not familiar or education on the topic being addressed. I couldn't live without… my cell phone. Show not only your interests in astrophysics but also literature, philosophy, Star Trek, programming, and Godfather 1 and 2 but not 3.

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Short Answer Essays: Avoid These Application Mistakes