An introduction to the transformation of american and the culture in the united states

The Mohawks and members of the Iroquis League used this weaponry to wipe out rivals in the fur trade and seize their people as captives. Flintlocks were still cumbersome. Eck, on the other hand, using multiple interpretive stances, shuttles back and forth between personal narrative, interviews with participants, and larger histories of the religions in America to render a more accurate picture of religious diversity in the United States.

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He sees the historical novel as a primary dynamism in the evolution of American traditions. The last word is not selected by accident. Control and funding come from three levels: federal , state , and local. They possessed all the ambition, jealousy, violence and Machiavellian spirit that one would expect to find among any other human population. Except under the rarest circumstances, no one state authority had the ability to choke Indians off from guns, powder and shot. Kammen tells us how Douglas Southall Freeman, the Virginia historian who had performed labors of Hercules to write his four-volume biography of Robert E. With some exceptions, the British immigrants shared the same nonconformist religious beliefs, language, social organization, and general outlook. The French and especially the Dutch, the premier arms producer of Europe, were also accessible trading partners. New Englanders also were active in the Americanization of early Oregon and Washington , with results that are still visible. Within a few months, the warring Indians were nearly out of gunpowder.

More generally, Indian men learned to cast musket balls from cheap bar lead and to make minor repairs to flintlock firing mechanisms and gun barrels.

In "Selvages and Biases"Mr. In Ford's case he discovered an American past in tools, houses, machines that has become a national legacy at the Henry Ford Museum in Greenfield Village, Mich.

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The cultural gradients between them tend to be much steeper and the boundaries more distinct than is true for the remainder of the nation.

It is common to deride early modern firearms as slow to load, inaccurate and undependable in wet weather. Turning from metaphors to reality, however, millstones grind and transform -- one from above working abrasively against one below.

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Culture of the United States