An analysis of the conflict in why i live in the po a short story by eudora welty

If anything she is taking things so that other members of her family do not benefit from using them. Computerized editing equipment has made editing as flexible as most film editing. Wages provides a brief commentary on the relationship between the use of the family name Rondo and the structure of the story, a feature that others make note of as well Schmidt and May, for instance.

Her parents encouraged Welty intellectually and artistically, but were also very protective. Consequently, she can cause a great many events to occur, yet disclaim responsibility for any of them. Related Posts:. Sister employs illogical logic, evoking the abstract principles of fairness in a manner that shamelessly and transparently skews the scales of justice in favor of her own point of view.

Somehow, the cater-cornered nature of the story is related to a multiple point of view in which sister seems inwardly aware of the absurdity of her position in the P. Stella-Rondo snipes back at her, implying that Sister is jealous. The story ends with Sister explaining that she has been living at the post office for five days and has not seen anyone in her family during that time.

More specifically, in this story, Sister is one who does things subjectively rather than objectively. What Do I Read Next? InOregon passed the Death With Dignity Act DWDA which authorized physicians to prescribe lethal doses of controlled substances to terminally ill patients with only 6 months to live; this is referred to as physician assisted suicide.

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Why I Live at the P.O.