An analysis of the civil war black american contribution to union intelligence

The Virginia, however, was able to destroy two Union frigates, the Congress and the Cumberland, and run another, the Minnesota, to ground before the Union ironclad's arrival.

black population after civil war

He furnished intelligence on Confederate fortifications and troop movements to General Benjamin F. From the Mexican War on, advantages in population, resources, and production have been among the most important tools for American success in conflicts.

why would african-american soldiers face greater danger than white union soldiers?

Byinitial shortages of war materiel, especially weapons and ammunition, were largely a thing of the past; the army Lee took north in June was roughly proportionate to its opponent in numbers and quality of artillery, and almost all of its infantry had modern rifles.

Their contributions in battle disproved the racist ideas that African Americans were cowardly by nature and lacked either the discipline or intelligence to succeed in combat.

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Also, officials and officers tended to ignore their presence as personal servants when discussing war-related matters. Nashville, TN: Cumberland House. They were turned away, however, because a Federal law dating from barred Negroes from bearing arms for the U.

How the civil war affected black people

These soldiers would also discover their power in the execution of their military duties. While no record remains of the specific intelligence he produced, it apparently was valuable enough to cause General McDowell to telegraph it immediately to the War Department in Washington. While making his way toward Fort Monroe, he observed that Confederate forces had thrown up two fortifications between Yorktown and the fortress. They even declined an offer from Governor Andrew to use state funds to make up the difference in pay. In the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, black soldiers refused to accept their pay until they were paid the same as white soldiers. Fishel pulls it off in T The best known of these Pinkerton agents was John Scobell, recruited in the fall of Waugh, eds. Army four infantry, two cavalry , based on the Civil War pattern of black enlisted men led by white officers with occasional black officers, such as Henry O. By the spring of , Union officials had found a more dramatic and active role for Tubman to play. The December 15—16 Battle of Nashville, where the Union achieved the victory of annihilation that both sides sought early in the war, erased any doubts about Northern prospects.

White Northerners and Southerners alike were of the opinion that the conflict would be a war for white men only. The Union had victory, forcing the Confederacy to abandon all its war aims. The Lincoln administration disavowed the activities of Lane, Phelps, and Hunter as unauthorized and premature.

Cornish, Dudley Taylor.

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The Civil War: Black American Contributions to Union Intelligence