An analysis of gangs in united states

In Chicago, this means that street gang victimization patterns differ by racial and ethnic group. They can be easily recognized through their hairstyle, clothes, and especially their communication. They should make the youth population view gangs in a negative light.

hispanic gangs

Life in the Gang. Statistical analysis in conjunction with advanced military software can now provide lawmaking authorities with the type of information that maps connections between gang activities, individual suspects, their social circlesfamily ties, and neighborhood connections.

street gangs

Goldstein and C. Is it based on their socioeconomic status within their neighborhood? C The Gangster Disciples is an organization with over 30, members in 35 states, employing themselves not only in drug trade but sponsoring political candidates, infiltrating police and private security agencies, and sponsoring protest marches.

Felkenes and Kent concluded their study with recommendations on how to initiate gang prevention programs: They are necessary and should be carefully planned.

Biggest gangs in the us

Google Scholar Horowitz, R. Self definition by rejection: The case of gang girls. References Bjerregaard, B. Vigil, and G. Implications A preeminent gang researcher Miller, , p. Block and Block , p. Every day thousands of people are affected by gangs across the world. This article examines whether drug trafficking is a leading cause of gang-related homicide and whether gang migration is a key factor in gang drug trafficking. Sanders suggests that the increase in gang-related homicides is less related to traditional gang-motivated violence than to competition for money and turf in drug trafficking, although he does not present substantiating data. Google Scholar Wilson, W. The Clinton Administration's Anti-Violent Crime Initiative has targeted violent and drug-trafficking gangs through the use of Federal, State, and local interjurisdictional task forces see the Attorney General's Report to the President, ; General Accounting Office, Emic and etic perspectives on gang culture: The Chicano case. Evaluation results are not yet available, although a 5-year, percent drop in gang homicides in the city has been reported The White House,
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Measuring the Extent of Gang Problems