Aimsweb writing assessments elementary

Editing makes the written product more legible and understandable to a reader. As a school staff, we are excited about our ability to know where all of our students are at on their path to being successful readers and math students.

These charts help doctors to understand if our children are growing properly or if something may be wrong, enabling them to do something to help as soon as possible. This chart shows how one student read the stories compared to other classmates in the same grade. Because reading and math growth are so important, on a regular basis, our school is going to give you "Well Check" information indicating how well your child is doing in reading and math.

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The following list provides some example skills that may be missing: The student does not stay on topic when writing. Another chart, similar to the one below, will then be given to you.

aimsweb writing assessments elementary

We feel that this is a better measure of comparison.

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Writing Interventions & Assessments