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Inhe succeeded in creating a simplified form of protoplasm that he thought he could readily mold into living beings. Helena is terrified by this fact, and asks Alquist why it is happening.

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If an ostensibly superior moral decision will not readily conform to our merely human, confused, and conflicted intuitions and reasonings — as Yudkowsky insists and as seems only too possible — then what will give us confidence that it is superior in the first place? Morality is not only about motivation. Again there is an analogy with artificial intelligence, many early discoveries in which have been built into standard programming languages. We must start to build a dataset of humanbeings reaction of paradoxal situations and implement it to the AI algorithms as a library. Belief C is therefore situated in the third and highest level in this simple model. Like Domin, our contemporary authors do not seem very interested in asking the question of whether the cultivation of human irresponsibility — which they see, in effect, as liberation — is a good thing, or whether as Alquist would have it there is some vital connection between work and human decency. Not all of them might turn into complete amoralists, perhaps on average AMAs would be as reliable in moral matters as their human counterparts. Wallach and Allen of course know that, from the perspectives of both evolution and individual psychology, the question of how human beings become moral is not uncontroversial. More often than not we act out of habit and on the grounds of learned rules of behaviour that we might never scrutinise any further. This paper will show that if we take the claim about building morally praiseworthy AMAs at face value, it implies that we are indeed building fully autonomous artificial agents which are capable to act against their own moral reasons.

But by the end of the play, Alquist is reading Genesis and invoking God to suggest a sense of hope and renewal. He notes that Nana has a prayer book, but must have Helena confirm for him that it contains prayers against various bad things coming to pass, and wonders if there should not be a prayer against progress.

He was a frightful materialist and did everything on that account.

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This could be used both to exercise the cognitive skills necessary for morality and to motivate agents to behave according to what they think is right. There are precedents.

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Whereas Geoff may rely on certain parameters to determine whether or not he would be justified in killing these animals, for example their degree of similarity to mussels or some behavioural traits, it would be wrong for Geoff to fix these parameters in advance.

On the lighter side, Michael Frayn's The Tin Men is a parody of artificial morality that features an experimental test of altruism involving robots in life rafts.

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